My Story

Evolution of The Goddess of Fetish — A portrait of Amber DeLuca

My Story - This film is a lifestyle documentary, painting the essence of Amber DeLuca, the “Goddess of Fetish,” an Amazon Goddess, celebrated for sensually dominating both men and women around the globe with her unique energy and unparalleled power.  Amber takes us on a journey from her childhood to becoming a bodybuilder/model, to one of the strongest women in the world.  She channels her athletic background and strength into her passion in producing fetish films.  Amber displays superhuman strength; able to lift, carry, and overhead press her lovers, and sometimes using only one arm.  She sensually dominates and overwhelms them, ultimately leading them to a forceful, erotic submission and orgasmic pleasure.


This documentary features interviews with some of Amber’s colleagues in women’s bodybuilding---founders, pioneers and luminaries of the physique culture.  The film illustrates an intimate perspective of female bodybuilding erotica, and the evolution of a modern day Amazon Goddess.



Director of Photography—Alexander Paul


Alexander “Xander” Paul received a Bachelor of Arts in liberal studies in 2002 from Sarah Lawrence College, Yonkers, New York.  As a member of the Local 600 Cinematographers Guild based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Xander performed camera work for the award winning AMC television series, “Breaking Bad,” and movies “Lone Survivor”, “The Messengers” and “Independence Day” to name a few.  Xander has a passion for film, and enjoys exercising his creativity within the Albuquerque community.  He has a natural flair for story telling, often assuming the role as an observer/participant, and taking a socio-cultural approach in his private projects. 





Bill Dobbins – Women’s Physique Photographer


Bill Dobbins is the world’s most renowned women’s physique photographer.  His work has been featured in art galleries around the globe.  Bill has created two art photo books: The Women: Photographs of the Top Female Bodybuilders (Artisan) and Modern Amazons (Taschen) and his fine art work has appeared in two museums and several galleries.  Bill began photographing Amber early in her physique career, beginning in 2002, in which she was a featured model in “Modern Amazons and encouraged her to compete in bodybuilding. and encouraged her to compete in bodybuilding.



Denise Masino—CEO Muscle Elegance Magazine


Denise Masino is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and founder of Muscle Elegance Magazine, featuring female bodybuilders in a Playboy/Penthouse style format.   Denise is a pioneer in producing erotic content with female bodybuilders, highlighting their unique beauty and athleticism.  Denise discovered Amber in 2003, and photographed her in 2007 and in 2009.  Denise inspired Amber to take her own path and develop her own brand of Amazon Fetish erotica.



Bill Wick—Mixed Fantasy Wrestling Pioneer


Bill Wick is a pioneer of women’s mixed wrestling videos.  His work features strong, athletic women dominating men in various submissions, particularly leg scissors.