About me

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Arts, Communications/English, Gannon University, Erie, PA
Master of Science, Human Resources Management, Troy State University, Troy, AL
Educational Leadership, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM pursued Ed.D, (ABD)

Professional Experience:

United States Air Force, Desert Storm Veteran
Human Resources Specialist, Department of Interior
Fitness Model/Motivational Speaker Health Promotions/Entrepreneur


East Coast Athletic Conference Intercollegiate Volleyball Player
NCAA Divison II Volleyball National Championships Tournament
Military World Championship Volleyball Team
USAF Air Combat Command Athlete of the Year
Gannon University Outstanding Young Alumni Award for Community/Global Leadership

Athletic Background

Intercollegiate/Military Volleyball Champion
Pennsylvania State Armwrestling Champion
American Gladiator, “Apache”, Orlando FL
Technically skilled rock/sport climber
Muay Thai/BJJ /wrestling trained
Natural Amateur Benchpress American Recordholder
Miss Figure America Champion, Tall Class
National level bodybuilder, Mid USA heavyweight champion
Russian Kettlebell Certified Trainer
Skilled trained powerlifter/strength athlete
North American Heavyweight Strongwoman Champion, 2011 1st place deadlift frame, 550 pounds x 24 reps in 60 seconds,  1st place Overhead press, 170 pounds x 7 reps in 60 seconds

My story

How did you get started in this industry, and what inspired you?

I started bodybuilding in 2001 after a long background in sport.   I always admired strength athletes and bodybuilders at an early age.  I began weight training when I was only 13 years old for track and field and volleyball.  I became very strong quickly.   I played volleyball in college and the military and was a stand out athlete in everything I tried.  During my college years, I even participated in wrestling and was a champion armwrestler.  After my volleyball days, I took up sportclimbing and studied Muay Thai and a little Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.  I became an American Gladiator in 1997.  It wasn’t until 2001 that I started competing in bodybuilding.  I won the NABBA Figure America title, which is essentially a less massive more ripped bodybuilder.  The organization is popular in Europe, not so much here in the USA.  I landed my first photo shoot with the famous female physique photographer, Bill Dobbins, in 2002, in which I was one of his models in the book, “Modern Amazons”, published by Taschen.   Bill encouraged me to compete in bodybuilding.  So I did, and the first show I entered, I won, the Mid USA Bodybuilding show in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I became nationally qualified.  I went on to compete in the national show that year, in 2003.  Back in those days, I weighed about 155 for the Figure shows, and for bodybuilding, around 170.   I took a two-year lay off to focus on my session wrestling career, and I became widely known as one of the top Amazon wrestlers on the circuit.  I wrestled and filmed many videos for the top wrestling companies as well, so my reputation as a big strong sexy Amazon became internationally recognized.  I competed again in national bodybuilding shows in 2005, and in 2006.

I continued to travel and shoot content for various websites.   In the fall of 2006, an epiphany occurred, and I realized that I should pursue session wrestling, and produce videos for my own website.  It was a great leap of faith, and I had to rely upon my survival skills, and business acumen.  Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is never easy, and it took tremendous courage.  I resigned my federal position and went full force.  In 2007, I met a sweet Dutch girl, IFBB professional bodybuilder, Saskia, whom I became very close friends with, and she offered me to expand my horizons in the Netherlands, and travel Europe.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime, and I took it.  I had always dreamt of living abroad, and traveling the world.  My dreams had come to fruition.   Upon my return to the USA, I had a new vigor for life and my vocational direction.  I no longer had the desire to compete in bodybuilding, as many of my fans love my full, voluptuous, hard and strong  physique.  I still train relentlessly hard and heavy and push the limits of my bones, tendons and muscles.  I would not have it any other way.   While in the Netherlands,  I was able to gain a solid 10 more pounds of muscle, and I have been able to maintain that net gain.  My physique seems to settle between 215-231 lbs., with about 12-15% bodyfat.  And, it makes it easier to lift and carry my little minions!

Over the years, I was able to gain about 15 more pounds of muscle, so my competitive weight was right around 185.  It was at that juncture, that I realized where my life was heading.  I am now a solid 220 pounds at any given time, whether I train hard or take a long lay-off.  I am always in top shape, particularly in my pressing, as I need to stay strong to press my minions overhead! And, to perform all of my signature lift and carries with an erotic twist, I am always able to OH press and bench press over 200 pounds with free weights year round for repetitions.  After only one summer of strong woman training, I became one of the strongest women in the world in 2011.  I could have continued on that path, but I found it far more challenging to maintain my strength and focus on my productions, just for my fans, and also, of course, to please myself, as I find it extremely gratifying to make Amazon fantasies come true.  I realized that I have an amazing gift to offer the world, and I felt that  I would be selling myself short by merely focusing on competing in strongwoman events and shows.

What inspired me?   Initially, I was engrossed and entrenched in the hedonistic lifestyle of bodybuilding, and learned the art form.  However, very shortly after that, I began to understand the art and craft of domination and submission.   Not only in my professional career at the time, but also that of becoming a Muscle Fetish Domina.   This does not mean that I became an Amazon Fetishist overnight; far from in, in fact I resisted it.  I decided that I wanted to become a pragmatic Goddess, and that includes the entire gamut of “fetish”.   I refused to specialize in any particular niche of fetish, but became a generalist of many, and this means that I had to hone in on my intuition.  I had a few good mentors, and as anyone knows, students are the best teachers.  As time went on, and I evolved in the field, I discovered things about myself.  Once I realized that I was naturally one of the strongest overhead pressers in the world, it changed the types of productions I was doing, around 2009.   I learned to channel my sensuality, power, energy and creativity into scenarios, primarily lifting men and women overhead, and holding them for long periods of time in suspension with the strength of my body and performing some sort of erotic act.  It felt like part athletic/artistic performance, erotic and completely natural all at the same time.  And, what is most important, is that everyone involved in my films generally has a lot of fun.  I try to make everything more play than work, and this results in a more authentic, natural scenario.

As the “Goddess of Fetish”  I am open to all fantasies and respect the value and validity of every fantasy, naturally, with a few exceptions and boundaries, and has evolved beyond the concept of Muscle Fetish.  However, since my roots are in bodybuilding, and I still maintain a massively muscled physique quite naturally, I still incorporate concepts of Muscle Fetish in many of my fantasies.

What are your plans for the future?

As a life long learner, I am committed to learning and evolving in everything that I do.  That includes improving my strength and quality of my physique, and that is a fine balance to strike due to all of the travel I do to collect high quality content.  I travel around the globe searching for unique talent that can cater to the fantasies of Amber DeLuca’s Goddess of Fetish, and I am thankful for all of the amazing models that have contributed their time, energy, creativity, and bodies to many of my productions.   I will continue to explore fantasies that excite, arouse, and entertain.   Above all, my number one goal is to forge long lasting, intimate relationships with my members, either in person, on webcam, via my video work, and keep them coming back for more.

What are your Dreams and Visions?

My dream is, quite simply, to serve my constituents of fetish, recognizing that fantasy is our shared reality in the domain of Amber DeLuca, Goddess of Fetish.
I envision an everlasting supply of fantasies that continue to intrigue and inspire me and satiate my Loyalists, resulting in a mutually satisfying experience for all.